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Security, Hackers and Your Money

Security, Hackers and Your Money

n the world of personal finance, the threat from hackers and data breaches has never been more significant. Kurt Long, a former NASA engineer turned security expert, shares his expertise on the Stacking Benjamins podcast, discussing practical strategies for protecting your financial and health data from cyber threats.

Emerging Threats and Practical Advice

Kurt Long’s journey from launching rockets to launching security measures against data breaches provides a compelling backdrop to a discussion that is increasingly relevant. He outlines the current landscape of cybersecurity, where threats are not just about the direct theft of money but extend to identity theft, ransomware, and sophisticated phishing scams.

Key Highlights from the Episode:

  1. Understanding the Threats:
    • Cybercriminals have become more organized and sophisticated, making it essential for individuals to understand the types of threats they face.
    • Ransomware has evolved as a significant threat, not just to businesses but also to public services and individuals.
  2. Practical Protection Strategies:
    • Vigilance with emails and texts: Kurt emphasizes skepticism when dealing with unexpected communications, which are often the start of a phishing attempt.
    • Using secure communication tools: He stresses the importance of secure channels, especially when dealing with sensitive financial transactions.
  3. The Role of AI in Security:
    • The use of artificial intelligence by hackers to craft more convincing phishing emails and texts represents a growing challenge.
    • Kurt discusses how AI is also being used to create fake audio and video, making it harder to trust even familiar voices without verification.
  4. Personal Data Management:
    • Kurt introduces his new venture, BUNKR, which aims to provide individuals with secure, centralized management of their personal data, mirroring the security measures used by large corporations.
  5. Advice for the Future:
    • The podcast touches on the importance of being proactive about security, including locking down credit reports and being cautious about sharing personal information.
  6. Engagement with the Community:
    • Listeners are encouraged to contribute their experiences and questions, making the podcast an interactive session that adds value through shared community knowledge.


Kurt Long’s insights provide a stark reminder of the evolving nature of cyber threats and the need for vigilant security practices. From understanding the basics of secure communication to utilizing tools like BUNKR, individuals can take proactive steps to protect their financial health against the backdrop of an increasingly digital world.

View the full podcast here:

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