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Advisory Counsel

BUNKR Advisory Council

The BUNKR Advisory Council is comprised of a distinguished group of hands-on experts whose areas of focus include information security, privacy, complex travel as well as serious responsibility for protecting critical aspects of the lives of their customers.

The council plays an important role in building on BUNKR’s vision of giving BUNKR customers time back in their day while growing trust and reducing the anxiety in their lives.

All Council members agree that privacy is a human right and that information security for BUNKR’s customers’ is paramount. The security experts on the Council insist on global bank level security standards in every aspect of our products and operations. All believe that everyone on earth deserves the highest level of security and privacy while conducting their personal and business affairs, and that BUNKR makes this vision affordable for all.

Each Council member advises BUNKR based on their area of expertise as well as their personal use of the product.

Kurt Long

BUNKR co-founder and CEO, Information Security Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Over the last 25 years Kurt has founded and grown information security and privacy companies which protect the most commercially sensitive information in the world, including over 250 million healthcare patients and over $1 trillion in assets from healthcare systems, banks, wealth advisors, and financial services companies around the globe.

Kurt relies on BUNKR to organize all aspects of his personal and professional lives, business, travel, and uses BUNKR to securely conduct all communications with family and friends. Mr. Long utilizes BUNKR to conduct numerous investment activities, global travel as well as running the BUNKR company all using its own product.


Listed alphabetically by last name

Stacy Arruda

22 Years with the FBI, Founder of Arruda Group

After retiring from the Federal Bureau of Investigations in 2018, Stacy founded the Arruda Group. She hopes to leverage her 22 years of experience to help businesses and organizations of all sizes protect themselves. Stacy held a wide range of leadership roles during her tenure at the FBI. She is responsible for directing, drafting and bolstering multiple cybersecurity and counterintelligence efforts. She has also lead hundreds of trainings and presentations. Whatever issue you are dealing with, Stacy has the experience and passion to help guide you. And this passion is paired with a desire to help businesses and organizations understand the value of proactive efforts in their journey to become security-conscious organizations.

James Cluskey

Entrepreneur, founder GiveLearn and former professional athlete

As Founder and CEO of GiveLearn, a fast–growing business, Mr. Cluskey uses BUNKR to organize and secure the most important information in his personal life as well as critical aspects of GiveLearn. James uses BUNKR extensively for travel while splitting time across London, Dublin and Cape Town, South Africa as well as other locations around the world. Mr. Cluskey uses BUNKR for secure and private communications with his extended family around the globe. Finally, Mr. Cluskey uses BUNKR to organize high-profile tennis travel across Europe and Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands.

Mark Conant, MD

Vascular Surgeon

As a Vascular and Endovascular surgeon, Dr. Conant is highly sensitive to the handling of sensitive personal information from security, privacy and regulatory perspectives. Dr. Conant’s time is of extreme value so his ability to stay organized and focused is crucial. Dr. Conant’s family is deeply connected to the healthcare industry and share his views. He and his extended family depend on BUNKR extensively for secure communications, personal organization as well keeping information and communications secure and assessable while traveling.

Gene Fredriksen

Named Top 3 Information Security Executive of Last 30 Years

As a professional Chief Information Security Officer, Mr. Fredriksen has been responsible for securing some of the very biggest corporations in the world ranging from banking and financial services companies and credit unions to global manufacturers. In this role Mr. Fredriksen has formed extensive relationships with federal law enforcement agencies which are knowledgeable about the emerging tactics and techniques of cyber criminals. Mr. Fredriksen is Executive Director of Organization on Information Sharing for Credit Unions across the U.S. in his role as President of NCU-ISAO, Inc., established at the Kennedy Space Center in 2016 as a collaboration between to help credit unions, credit union service organizations (CUSOs), and industry associations navigate information security and regulatory challenges. Mr. Fredriksen relies on BUNKR for secure and private communications as well as in the organization of important personal information and keeping information secure and accessible while traveling.

Todd Hillis

Intelligence Analyst, Information Security, U.S. Navy, NSA

As an intelligence analyst Mr. Hillis is an expert in dealing with the emerging cyber attacks around the world as well as cybercriminal techniques to compromise critical systems. As part of his role as an intelligence agent, Mr. Hillis has relationships with federal security agencies, law enforcement agencies and the most successful information security companies in the world. Mr. Hillis has been crucial in evaluating and testing BUNKR’s information security beyond what is standard in the company’s SOC 2 certification testing. He relies on BUNKR for secure and private communications as well as in the organization of important personal information at home and while traveling.

Olivier van Lindonk

WME Partner & Senior Vice President, WME/IMG Tennis

In his role at IMG and WME, Mr. van Lindonk represents some of the very highest-profile professional athletes in the world as well as the next generation of aspiring superstars. His travels take him across virtually every continent in a given calendar year – including North America, South America, Europe, Asia as well as the Middle East. Security, privacy and organization are of paramount importance in representing his athletes. Mr. van Lindonk relies on BUNKR extensively with his players and extended family for handling business, personal organization, extensive travel and secure communications.